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Mary Whelan


Efficient Food Service Solutions

Aged and health care facilities must achieve an efficient and cost-effective food service system, whilst providing quality meals in a home like environment.   Mary Whelan assists organisations to achieve viable food service solutions, based on their unique requirements and objectives.

Consultation services include:
Custom design assessment
Strategic and operational planning
Issue resolution
Workflow analysis and systems development



Strategic Planning:

The planning stage acknowledges the importance of food service design and requirements within the brief for an upgrade or new build.  The brief then provide guidance on the way forward for the client and the architect, reflecting the needs of the specific food service system.   

Mary’s role in this planning stage is integral in creating the most efficient food service solution.


Food Safety:

Operation requirements combined with the food safety needs, ensure that staff are fully competent of what is required, when preparing foods and detailing outcomes.  A user-friendly program will be developed that focusses on timely record documentation.


The Menu:

It is important that the menu is planned prior to undertaking any kitchen upgrades or installations.  The menu is what drives equipment requirements, production systems and workflows as well as identifying the staffing levels that will create the most efficient workflow.  

Mary can assist with the design of the menu in conjunction with dietitians.


Mary focuses heavily on workflows within the Kitchen and Kitchenettes in aged care as well as the main kitchen and pantries in health care systems.

Mary analyses existing duties and conducts time and motion studies to improve productivity through efficient workflows.

Safe Food Handling
Refresher training:

A customised training approach provides onsite training, designed specifically for the facility.

Mary ensures that all staff have a full understanding of food safety requirements necessary for safe food handling.

Mary provides you with a hands on approach, from planning to implementation and delivery of the food service solution.  She will work with you and your staff to assist you to make changes to ensure better workflow and time management in your facility.
Knowing residents look forward to meal services every day, it is critical there is a full understanding of work flows and systems to ensure residents receive high quality meals in a safe environment.

Healthcare patients require quality meals at the bedside table in a timely manner that satisfies their needs and will assist with health improvement and recovery.

Mary keeps abreast of new trends and developments in both the health care and aged care sectors.

Who is Mary Whelan?

Mary Whelan commenced her career in hospitals as a Food Services Manager before moving into the aged care industry.  Mary has been instrumental in establishing production food systems that deliver nutritious quality meals for aged and health care recipients.

Today Mary is a recognised leader in the field with extensive experience and strengths in creating, advising and consulting to meet the most efficient food service solutions for hospitals and aged care.

‘I am passionate about the aged care sector and want to ensure residents are provided with a food service that meets their needs and provides the homely environment they deserve’

Mary Whelan

Food Services Advisor

Unique Framework

Consulting to achieve an efficient food service solution is a unique and niche market.  Mary provides this service including planning, development and implementation of food service solution models, with expertise and a natural yet professional and approachable manner. 

Assessing what your facility needs is one of Mary’s key strengths. She combines her experience, knowledge and practical frameworks to work with you to develop the best possible solution for your specific needs. Mary confidently achieves these outcomes by listening and implementing systems that are achievable for the Client, Resident and Facility.

Contact Mary

Contact to discuss your food service system requirements.

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PO Box 2000 Fitzroy, VIC 3065